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Copywrites and Taxonomic Gender

  Jim Cunningham worries about the copywrite laws of _Neues
Jarbhuch_ ...

  It is in effect, and this journal enforces its copyright laws.
Libraries can grant use as long as it is not for commercial use,
but for personal scientific use. Distribution _should_ be but is
not limited to getting this from a library. Fortunately, _Neues
Jarbuch_ is a fairly common German pup'd journal and should not
be difficult to get. Most universities should have it that have
any paleontological or biological expertise (my local
universities specialize in the arts, so as you might imagine,
theres tons of literary journals and general works on other
topics, but at least I get _Paleobiology_ and _the Auk_ ... I've
been able to acquire _Neues Jarbuch_ free from BSU (Boise State)
and the Spokane Library. One might want to look at these places

  Copywrite law was discussed mid-last year on this list, so you
might want to go back if anyone not involved in that discussion
has questions. Mike Taylor has covered this, and the journals'
websites cover this as well, for those that have them, for the
most part. Harris' and Taylor's sites cover this information.


  On the other subject raised:

  Taxonomic entities have no biological gender, so should be
rendered _it_. They have linguistic gender, but this is implicit
in writing in a language with specific gender; this does not
translate into biology, and should not be used as such. That an
animal's name is "feminine" then connotes biological gender is
as ridiculous as calling Leslie Nielsen "her." Sue, even though
an individual, as Brochu has stated, cannot be verified one
gender or another by the evidence he can observe, and he
specializes in crocodiles, so should be quite capable of
analyzing Larson's original hypothesis.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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