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Who cares who sits in the White House, or in the Lodge for that matter (I'm
Australian).  All politicians are the same and always cut funding to
Education,  Universities, Museums and Science Research because "the Budget
Surplus can be better spent elsewhere."  Yeah right.....


Just a question about Muttaburrasaurus,

Does anyone know of any new finds?
The ones that I know of are

Rosebury Downs near Muttaburra in QLD Australia in 1963 

A skull discovered at Dunluce Station in QLD in 1987

Skeletal fragments found at Iona in QLD and teeth at Lightening Ridge in NSW

Thanks in advance

Hayley Longworth

> On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 22:33:48  
>  David Marjanovic wrote:
> >> Pete Buchholz
> >> Tetanurae@aol.com
> >>
> >> Re-elect Gore in 2004
> >
> >Yes!!!
> >
> >See the Official Florida Presidential ballot at
> >http://www.feek.at-img-20001115florida_wahl.jpg B-) B-) B-) (hope the
> link
> >works)
> >
> >Just heard that the warming of Earth's climate is accelerating faster
> than
> >expected... and the first thing Bush did was to obliterate the few laws
> >Clinton had enacted to protect the environment... We may get a Mesozoic
> >climate and Eocene sea levels sooner or later. Good for the crocodiles --
> >bad for ...