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The secret of bird flight revealed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dino fans !!!

I suppose you?v been wondering where I?ve been. I?ve been doing research on my favorite topic ? bananas. Just kidding (haw haw) ? DINOSAURS!!! I suppose you?re all really excited about Jurassic Park III coming out ? I am. I?m not a paleontologist (yet!) but it must be great to see your life?s work on the big screen. It must be very exciting being a paleontogist and watching Jurassic Park and its sequel/s.

I have a revolutionary theory on why birds fly I?m sure you?ll be interested in it. It might get you profesional paleontologists thinking. With Velociraptor and all the other super-intelligent raptors roaming around in the Cretaceous it would be too dangerousd for small dinsoaurs to stay on the ground ? so they started to fly so they could escape. You see, I have read that Archeopteryx [Jurassic]was not good at flying ? but when killer raptors [Crustaceous] staerted to appear all over the world then flying became crucially important.. Big dinosaurs like T-rex were OK ? they were killers two and they had tiny arms. I have found in my research that raptors had big arms and could grab little birds 9because birds evolved from dinos).

I hope you find my theories provoking. I think it is controversial but so are many ideas from Bob Bakker, and he (IMHO) he is the most prestigous paleontologist ever!! You can?t make an omelette without breaking eggs (haw haw).

If you want to hear my other ideas on dinosaur evoluton I will be happy to discuss them. Some I can not reveal because they are still TOP SECRET (haw haw).


Good bye


Future Paleontologist - or Paleontologist of the Future

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