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Microraptor & "Archaeoraptor"

Hi all,
does anybody know if "Archaeoraptor"'s skull (with the rest of the chimaeric body) depicted on November 1999 NG issue is the same skull described as Microraptor's one by Xing Xu et al.?
They seem pretty different from one another, but it may be only a misinterpretation(of mine)  due to the fact that NG's image of the slab shows the UV lighted skeleton, while nature's image is a drawing, so some particulars may be interpretated differently....
The two skulls seem also differently shaped (well, what remains of the skulls..) and the angles between the outer  anterior margins (should be dentary and pmx-mx-nas in both) are different too...
I don't want to know what the other skull is (if it's another thing from Microraptor skull), because of obvious reasons, but only if somebody knows if they're the same thing or not.
Filippo Calzolari