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Re: avian flight

> <True. Well, maybe Archie dropped into the water head-first from
> just above the sea surface...>
>   Why? For diving birds, unless you're a duck, you need a good
> deal of momentum going before you hit the water so that when you
> _do_ plunge in, the fish can't get away fast enough. Herons and
> anhingas stab down with the neck, and kingfishers and pelicans
> are famous for power dives into the water and launching back out
> (still using their original momentum) with their prey [if
> they're lucky]. Meanwhile, ospreys have to flap on their way
> back up.

This was more or less nonsense by me. Some people had misunderstood my
saying that *Archaeopteryx* couldn't have landed on a branch into saying
that it couldn't have landed on the ground either, and this had
paradoxically driven me to believe this, so I constructed this cumbersome
method of landing (falling into the sea and swimming to the shore). By all
probability *A.* could land on the ground, even if it had to use running
landings or suchlike.

BTW, I have received the Dinosaur Society Quarterly issue that contains my
article yesterday, and today I've copied the 100-page _Palaeontographica_
article by Chatterjee on *Protoavis*. I think I have to say a few things
about both papers (tomorrow or later, the exams are near...)