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Bakker's Disease Theory (was Re: The secret of bird flight revealed !!!!!!...)

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001 22:54:40  
 David Marjanovic wrote:

>BTW, it is rarely useful to glorify persons in science. I don't want to
>question that Bakker has earned quite some prestige and usually does good
>science (lots of the arguments in his 1986 "Heresies" are still considered
>correct), but when you think of his opinion (does he still think so?) that
>the non-avian dinosaurs were wiped out by diseases... (has been discussed
>onlist in spring 1994).

Yeah, I was able to chat with Bakker about this hypothesis last year.  He 
simply pointed to the fact that "when animals migrate, sickness occurs."  He 
also said something like "animals were spreading during the Late 
Cretaceous...Look at snails. They dont spread very fast, and they do not 
become extinct."  

Well, as would be expected, I asked him to explain how the mass extinctions of 
in the sea coincided with these on land.  He sort of avoided the question.

However, I think that disease is a valid theory...in a scientific sense.  I 
definitely point to an asteroid/comet, and I see more than enough evidence to 
"prove" that.  But, disease *could* cause extinction...however, an extinction 
the size of the KT event, and an extinction that occurred on land and in the 
sea...  I doubt many of us can find a way to explain such a vast and diverse 
extinction using only disease.  

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