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Out of the Rock Paleo Fest Schedule

I just wanted to announce to the group the schedule for the third annual Out of 
the Rock Paleo Fest, held at the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, 
Illinois from February 23-25.  A list of scheduled talks and speakers is below. 
 Anyone wishing for more information or to reserve tickets, please contact 
Lonny Stark at lastar84@ameritech.net 

Dates:  February 23, 24 and 25 (10am to 6pm)

Adult/Teen Talks (Adults $5/ Kids under 18 $3 - wow what a bargain!  Members 
$1 off)

    Saturday, Feb. 24
- 11:00 am - Niles Eldredge traces the evolution of trilobites (Phacops rana) 
for millions of years hardly changed at all . . .
but when they did, they evolved with surprising quickness, suggesting the
revolutionary new idea of "punctuated equilibria"
(which Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould described in several publications).
- 1:00 pm - Dennis Kolata looks to the rocks for geological clues about the
Ordovician seas of Illinois and Wisconsin, to learn
more about the climate, environment, and ecology of this region over 400 million
years ago.
- 3:00 pm - Chris Ott and Laura Buckley navigate the Hell Creek formation, a 
fossil locality of the western U.S., where
triceratops, dromaeosaurids, tyrannosaurs, hadrosaurs, and other important
dinosaur remains are found.
- 5:00 pm - Niles Eldredge follows the course of evolution with a compelling
examination of "Lucy" (perhaps the earliest of our
ancestors to stand upright) and other important fossil discoveries.

    Sunday, Feb. 25
- 1:00 pm - Karen Chin finds the most amazing evidence about prehistoric life by
studying coprolites - fossilized dung that
reveals valuable clues about dinosaurs and prehistoric life.
- 3:00 pm - Don Lessem unleashes the fierce predatory dinosaur Giganotosaurus; 
this the prehistoric rival of T-rex for crown
as the biggest, meanest dinosaur of them all?
- 5:30 pm - John Horner, consultant for the movies Jurassic Park and Lost World,
casts an eye on his latest discoveries - with
a special look at the largest assemblage of T-rex fossils ever found.

Dinner Talk ( $45 - Members take $10 off)

    Friday, Feb. 23
- 7:00 pm - Peter Larson has unearthed some of the most amazing dinosaurs in 
America, including "Sue", the T-rex now
at Field Museum in Chicago.  His research continues to chip away at the 
one of our favorite dinosaurs, which he
presents in "Pathologies: Snapshops in the Life of T-Rex".  A jazz band will 
beginning at about 6:00 pm, dinner seating by
7:00 pm.

Dinoblast Workshop Talks for kids and families (Adults $8/ Kids under 18 $7 -
Members take $1 off)

    Saturday, Feb. 24
- 11:00 am - Gabrielle Lyon presents "Claws and Jaws - a New Look at Africa's
Dinosaur World".  In the workshop, you will
reconstruct a broken fossil cast from a dinosaur discovered by Gabrielle Lyon 
Paul Sereno in Africa.
- 3:00 pm - Karen Chin looks for clues about dinosaurs and their environment in
trace fossils - markings, footprints, trails and
even coprolites.  In the workshop you will build miniature prehistoric scenes.

    Sunday, Feb. 25
- 11:00 am - Dennis Kolata teaches about collecting, identifying, and caring for
fossils found in the Illinois/Wisconsin region.
Each participant gets a display box, some fossils and blank labels, and a
magnifying glass.
- 3:30 pm - John Horner, consultant for Jurassic Park and the Lost World, talks
about the lives of dinosaurs.  In the workshop
you will build miniature models of dinosaur nests.

Dinoblast Lunch Talks for families and children (Adults $12/ Kids under 18 $10 -
Members take $1 off)

    Saturday, Feb. 24
- 1:30 pm - Peter Larson chips away at the secrets found beneath the ground,
exposing T-rex and other astounding dinosaurs.
Enjoy lunch and a talk with one of the most successful T-rex hunters of all 

    Sunday, Feb. 25
- 1:00 pm - Don Lessem presents Dino Don's Big Dinosaur Show, an entertaining 
at prehistoric marvels of the dinosaur
world.  Share lunch with this renowned author of numerous science books for 
and children.

Obviously, the Horner, Lessem, Larson, and Chin talks stand out for list 
members, but the lectures on human evolution and punctuated equilibrium also 
sound intriguing.  Plus, there are children's activities and workshops.

I'll be there Friday night and Sunday, volunteering as usual.  I hope to see 
some list members there.  Please let me know if any of you will be coming, as I 
can introduce myself.


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