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Paleontology Symposium - Kansas Academy of Science

The Kansas Academy of Science will be hosting a Paleontology Symposium
during the 133rd Annual Meeting of the KAS at the University of Kansas
on April 6-7, 2001. Abstracts are due March 5, 2001.

For more information, go to:
< http://www.oceansofkansas.com/kas2001.html >

Registratration information is downloadable from this site or from
the KAS Homepage:   < http://www.wuacc.edu:80/kas/>

Mike Morales (Emporia State University) and Mike Everhart (Fort Hays
State University) will co-chair the symposium.  The session will include
invited papers, but contributed papers are welcome and encouraged.


Mike Everhart                < http://www.oceansofkansas.com >
Adjunct Curator of Paleontology
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS