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New Book: Age of Dinos, Russia/Mongolia

I was surprised today to received a copy of Benton, Shishkin, Unwin &
Kurochkin, eds., 2000, "The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia," 696
pp, from Cambridge U Press. I was not expecting it until later this year. At
$140 it ain't cheap, but for those of us with a passion for the subject I
suspect it is a MUST. The ISBN is 0 521 554764.

Its 30 articles cover Soviet and Mongolian reptiles and mammals from the
Permian through the Cretaceous. Most are by Russian authors and probably
contain some information appearing in English for the first time. Included
is an article on Theropods by Currie, one on Sauropods by Maryanska,
Ornithopods by Norman & Sues, Marginocephalia by Sereno, Thyreophorans by
Tumanova, and birds by Kurochkin.

I only got my copy 3 hours ago so this is all I can say at this time. But
want the List members to know ASAP that it's out.

    ...   Dick Peirce,  Pasadena, CA