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Dinosaur FAQ #7: Web Sites

Thanks to everyone who's sent replies to FAQ #5 (``What's the
difference between Tyrannosauridae, Tyrannosaurinae, etc.?'') and
contributed to the discussion that let to FAQ #6 (which I number I am
retrospectively awarding to ``What were the longest/heaviest predatory

I think I now have reasonable answers to both of these at
respectively.  As always, further feedback is welcome.

Now it's time to launch FAQ #7, which is as follows:

        Are there any good dinosaur-related web sites?

As with FAQ #5, I have written up an initial version of the answer for
people to comment on and add to, rather than opening the floor for
half a dozen people to write up the same sites; that initial version
can be found at
I welcome any contributions/corrections, with the following caveat: I
don't want this page to degenerate into just a list of links.  I want
to editorialise intelligently on each featured site, which means
keeping the sites down to a reasonable number.  So please by all means
let me know if you find yourself thinking, ``Incredible! He missed my
all-time favourite dinosaur site!''; but think about leaving it if you
just think, ``Oh, what about this other one that I've heard of?''

As always, responses to <dinofaq@egroups.com> please -- they will be
seen by me and by anyone who's registered an interest in the
FAQ-building process (which you too are very welcome to do at
should you wish.)

Thanks in advance,

Your friendly FAQ coordinator,

 _/|_    _______________________________________________________________
/o ) \/  Mike Taylor -- <mirk@mail.org> -- http://www.miketaylor.org.uk/
)_v__/\  "Da" -- Tofik Bakhramov.