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RE: Masiakasaurus details (joke - you have been warned!!)

I suppose this doesn't HAVE to be posted (I'm BAD--BAD!), but . . .

Don't forget that some of us have had longer trips down memory lane.  In a
musical vein, I'd like to see something like Twittisaurus tinitimi.  Now
THAT has a ring to it!  (If you can't immediately pronounce "tinitimi",
you're just babes in the woods.)

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From: Jerry D. Harris [mailto:dinogami@hotmail.com]

> This may or may not be a good trend...dare we foresee
>_Axlrosea_, _Hendrixsaurus_, and _Ledzepplinia_?  


> . . . and . . . _Calvinosaurus wattersoni_.