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Hello All,

I have been a member of the list for over a month now
and I would like to start by introducing myself.  My
name is Jose Villarreal and I am currently filming a
Dinosaur documentary of several donos discovered in
Coahuila, Mexico a few years ago (I have actual film
footage of the excavation) Among the species that have
been found here are duck billed hadrosaurs.  If any
members of the list have information, whatever, that
might help with the doucementation proper credit will
be given to these persons.  I am also looking for
funding.  I have all the film equipment and animation
to do it I just need funding for other costs like
processing the film, crew wages and distribution.  If
any body can help please email me off the list.


Jose Villarreal
Fallot Shelter Films
Bosques de los Pinos 214
Col. Bosques del Valle
Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon
Mexico 66250

52 83 786734

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