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Re: Mistaken Extinction as paperback

I wrote on 01/14/2001:

> Hello list members,
> just wanted to order Mistaken Extinction : Dinosaur Evolution and the 
> of Birds by Lowell Dingus, Timothy Rowe at Amazon.com. There's a paperback 
> edition of this book listed which will be published in March 2001 (ISBN: 
> 0716741652). Does anybody know if the text is updated and if it still 
>contains a CD-ROM?

Just got an eMail from W. H. Freeman Publishers which states.

> The publication of the paperback has been delayed and has not yet been 
> However, the release originally scheduled for this year was a trade edition 
which would
> not have included a CD-ROM and had no changes, except for a few 
> correction.


Heinz Peter Bredow