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Qilong Update

  I must admit that a great deal of people have expressed
patience in me getting this finished. I had a scanner that
wouldn't work for almost a year, and system hard crashes several
times that required playing games with plug-and-pray devices,
Windows installation over installation to get the drivers to
_run_ the scanner (or the printer) to work in the system....
ugh. Then it was waiting for some critical data to come in, and
I'm still compiling this, but this will be limitied to strict
biographical data (as before) but without the annotation I had
allowed the last incarnation to take. This is for technical
reasons, and I have to wait for publication on some things
before I can release some opinions. *Nomingia* and *Caudipteryx*
are free-for-all, thankfully ... :)

  Right now, I'm working on getting my new images indexed and
captioned, so you can see what I've been up to in the last two
years restoration-wise. Re-did my *Muttaburrasaurus* skull, for
one thing.

  Please note that the site has changed when Tripod screwed with
my system (I'll be putting up other things ovr there, like
Qilong2: The Illustrated Pterosaur, which promises skulls and


  Currently, only the Ornithopods and Ceratosaurs are updated,
but I have some profiles in there that are new, and general
comments; the other links will work, however I don't recommend
utilizing them. Take a gander, will get the rest up as time
progresses, and I could be done in a week (I have work to do!).
The credits, refs, index, and qilong html's are also active, but
I have to debug the links and set up a working format.



Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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