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Re: It's HERE!!!

Same problem as with the previous message bounced this one too.
Hopefully it's fixed now. -- MPR

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Tim Williams wrote-

> _Yaverlandia_ is back in the Pachycephalosauria?  Last year Sullivan
> removed it from this group, noting that the only pachycephalosaur
> feature he could see in the specimen were the thick frontals; in
> other respects, the cranium was decidedly un-pachycephalosaurian
> (though Sullivan didn't actually say what _Yaverlandia_ might really
> be).

Based on Sereno's paper, pachycephalosaurian characters present in
Yaverlandia include- thickened fronto-parietal area of skull roof; broadened
and flattened postorbital-squamosal bar.  It shares "supratemporal fenestrae
reduced and do not contact frontals" with Goyocephale and more advanced
taxa.  It also shares "interfrontal and frontoparietal sutures fused" with
the Pachycephalosauridae.  On the other hand, it lacks "two supraorbital
elements forming roof of orbit lateral to frontal", which is a
pachycephalosaurian character.  "Microcephale" does too, so this may not
mean much.  The article was written in 1997 at least, possibly as late as

Mickey Mortimer
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