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Re: T. bataar (was RE: It's HERE!!!)

Thomas Holtz wrote-

> I think you may want to have a second thought about that laugh, though,
> without considering the aspects of intraspecific variability and questions
> about accuracy of illustrations...  Indeed, there may be a lot fewer
> ornithomimosaur species and genera currently represented in collections
> represented on websites and published taxon lists.

Well, unless you have unpublished information up your sleeve..... I can
picture it now-
Holtz and Barsbold, 2001. A reanalysis of ornithomimids (Dinosauria:
Theropoda) of the Cretaceous of Laurasia. JVP 21(1) 105-142. Abstract- New
analysis of ornithomimids indicates only two species are valid- Ornithomimus
velox and O. polyodon (nov. comb.).  "Deinocheirus mirificus" is actually
the large rare male morph of O. velox, which brings new insights regarding
sex ratios and mating habits........ :-) ;-)
Disclaimer- The above is not a real article.  It has not and never will be
published.  Do not inquire for further information or site Ornithomimus
polyodon in a species list anywhere.
Well, as I was saying, if you have unpublished evidence I'll have to eat my
words in the future, but for now Anserimimus and Gallimimus seem extremely
dissimilar as far as ornithomimids go.  Garudimimus as a junior synonym of
Archaeornithomimus I can see.  Dromiceiomimus samueli being synonymized with
D. brevitertius is plausible.  Ornithomimus edmontonensis and O. velox could
easily be the same, as could Coelosaurus antiquus.  Gallimimus
"mongoliensis" proving to be G. bullatus is possible.  Anything could happen
to Timimus, "Orcomimus", "Sanchusaurus", Ornithomimus? tenuis, O? sedens, O?
affinis or Archaeornithomimus? bissektensis and I wouldn't be surprised.
But a few taxa seem as stable as anything else in paleontology, including
Pelecanimimus, Deinocheirus and Anserimimus.  Then again, who knows what
tomorrow will bring....

Mickey Mortimer