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What a week

First DinoPress Volume 2 comes in (I forgot to announce that), the next day The Age of Dinosaurs of Russian and Mongolia, comes in, and today JVP finally comes in.


No new dinosaurs named. There is one article on Theropod teeth from the North Slope of Alaska, several crocodile articles, a new ?Hesperperornithiform (Potamornis skutchi, ELZANOWSKI, PAUL & STIDHAM), an article on Dolichosaurus, a bat, armadillo and Artiodactyl, as well as a few fish articles. I must say that the reconstruction of one of the fish was done very well, as if the fish were just caught (every article should have a ‘life’ restoration like that).




PS. If there is anyone working on books, articles and you need a skeletal restoration, or skeletal elements drawn, I’m here. (I’ll soon be laid off of work, so why not try and get more artistic work?).