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Re: Info on Coahuila hadrosaurs?

        Chuck R. wrote:
>Another new member just mentioned that he is doing a documentary on
>duck-billed hadros found in some locality in Coahuila, Mexico, does any
>of you know where I can find information on the subject? what is the name
>of the which ofther species have been found there?  Anything would be

        Holtz mantra time: WAIT FOR THE PAPER. My Mexican counterparts
have been working long and hard on this material, and they deserve a
chance to prepare their case fully. All of the published reports I
have seen (all one of them) avoid making difinitive statements
regarding their material, which says right off the bat that they
don't want the information flying around the bandwidth (as it were) 
prior to publication. Believe you me, since I work just over
the border in the rainy US of A, I am really excited about their work. I
know it is hard to wait, but, *believe me* you'd want people to be patient
about your work.