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Choosing Twenty-Six Representative Genera

Dear Dino-Members,

I come to you with a request for help.  I'm trying to put together a
book overviewing the whole of the dinosauria for youngish children
(maybe ages 7-9) by picking twenty-six representative genera -- one
beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

In selecting the genera, my goals, in decreasing order of importance,
are as follows:

1.  Use each letter exactly once.
2.  Cover all the main branches of the dinosaurian "family tree".
3.  Use valid genera where possible (which I don't think it is for "F")
4.  Good (wide & even) coverage of geological time in which they lived.
5.  Good (wide & even) coverage of recent time in which they were named.
6.  I favour genera represented by good material where I have a choice.

After _a lot_ of work, I have come up with the following list:

        Argentinosaurus (Titanosauria)
        Borogovia (Troodontidae)
        Chasmosaurus (Coronosauria)
        Diplodocus (Diplodocimorpha)
        Euoplocephalus (Ankylosauria)
        Futabasaurus (Tyrannosauroidea)
        Giganotosaurus (Allosauridae)
        Harpymimus (Ornithomimosauria)
        Irritator (Spinosauria)
        Jobaria (Sauropoda)
        Kentrosaurus (Stegosauria)
        Lurdosaurus (Iguanodontia)
        Massospondylus (Sauropodomorpha)
        Nanshiungosaurus (Therizinosauria)
        Oviraptor (Oviraptorosauria)
        Parasaurolophus (Hadrosauridae)
        Quetzacoatlus (Pterosauria)
        Rahonavis (Avialae)
        Sauroposeidon (Brachiosauridae)
        Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosauridae)
        Udanoceratops (Ceratopsia)
        Velociraptor (Deinonychosauria)
        Wannanosaurus (Pachycephalosauria)
        Xenotarsosaurus (Ceratosauria)
        Yanchuanosaurus (Sinraptoridae)
        Zephyrosaurus (Ornithopoda)

It's worth making a few comments on this selection:
1.  Some choices -- e.g. Tyrannosaurus -- are clearly non-negotiable.
2.  Yes I know Quetzacoatlus is not a dinosaur!  It's too cool to omit.
3.  I believe that Futabasaurus is nomen nudum: are there any valid "F"s?

Before I plough into writing a lot of prose on these genera, the
families that they represent and their positions in them, I welcome
anyone's comments on this selection.  Specifically, I would love to
find a way to replace one of the somewhat redundant genera (the
tyrannosaurid Futabasaurus or the sauropod Jobaria) with a
Coelophysoid, Nodosaur or Centrosaurine -- can it be done, with
appropriate reshuffling elsewhere?  Have I missed any other important
groups?  Can I find anything geologically earlier than Massospondylus
while keeping a prosauropod in the list?

Are any of these genera likely to disappear in the immediate
future (or have some of them already slipped out from under my feet?)

Many thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who has thoughts on this
selection.  I should emphasise that this is nothing to do with the
FAQ, I'm just asking for my own selfish benefit :-)

 _/|_    _______________________________________________________________
/o ) \/  Mike Taylor -- <mirk@mail.org> -- http://www.miketaylor.org.uk/
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         owe to football" -- Albert Camus.