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Re: Choosing Twenty-Six Representative Genera

>>> "Michael A. Turton" <turton@ev1.net> 01/26/01 12:00PM >>>
>This has already been done, several times.  My family owns two such books.
>Michael Turton
To which I reply - so? By doing it again - even again and again - children and 
their parents/instructors can learn that paleontology is an active science, 
always in flux, with new discoveries coming in all of the time. By including 
new names, new dinosaurs, even using paleontologists' names, reading and 
dinosaurs can be linked together - which will raise people's awareness of the 
science, which may lead more people into the field or into learning how they 
can help to support others in the field. Which leads back to more discoveries, 
which leads to more books, which leads to more interest, which leads to more 
people in the field, etc.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

Brent : )

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