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"Michael A. Turton" wrote:
> > How about a dinosaur Z to A book?  Just kidding... But seriously, what
> > about using Fabrosaurus for the "F"?   That's fairly well known, right?
> >
> > -Chris
 Fabrosaurus is used in one of the books we have.
 The Dinos A-Z is just not a new idea.  Maybe you can
 associate them with colors (easier, since no one can say
 Ultrasaurus was not that lovely color of cobalt blue you
made it) or
 shapes (the pointy stegosaur head, the round euplocepholus
 (sp?) tail, and so forth) or opposites (Ultrasaurus is BIG,
 compsagnathus is LITTLE), Diplodocus is LONG....).  Getting
picture books published
 isn't easy.  Maybe you should move upmarket, into the
junior range and publish
 "Cladistics for Juniors" for parents to secretly buy
 they don't want to admit that they don't understand

 There are lots of ways to work in new dino ideas without
 old children's books ideas that may be difficult to sell.
 Michael A. Turton
 working on first children's book
 "Mankind are very odd Creatures.  One Half censure
 what they practise, the other half practise what they
 censure; the rest always say and do as they ought."
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