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Re: Choosing Twenty-Six Representative Genera

Hi Mike,

At 4:43 PM +0000 01/26/2001, Mike Taylor wrote:
Dear Dino-Members,

I come to you with a request for help.  I'm trying to put together a
book overviewing the whole of the dinosauria for youngish children
(maybe ages 7-9) by picking twenty-six representative genera -- one
beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Are any of these genera likely to disappear in the immediate
future (or have some of them already slipped out from under my feet?)

New information will generally cause a good scientist to rethink their original hypothesis. ;^)

Many thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who has thoughts on this selection. I should emphasise that this is nothing to do with the FAQ, I'm just asking for my own selfish benefit :-)

Don't forget to have GOOD illustrations of the dinosaurs. Children love pictures and word association is a good way to learn them. Send me a copy of it when you're done, so when I'm feeling childish I can read it too. ;^)

Best regards,
Marilyn W.

PS: It's official - read on and you'll know what I mean. ;^)
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