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RE: Choosing Twenty-Six Representative Genera

Bravo Brent!

We should support those authors/illustrators who choose to create positive
books that include accurate scientific information  SPECIFICALLY for
children ( and their parents).

Perhaps there is a way to link the alphabetical finds to continents?

Or to do a book based on how many of a particular animal have been found.
Only 1 nesting ovipraptor.... Has been found.  2  "fighting dinos", 23 T.
rexes.... 100s of Protoceratops  etc.  (Would this be based on complete
skeletons?  Or just interesting finds?)

Another 2 cents

: ) Jenny

Jenny Lando
Assistant Coordinator/Paleontology of Dinosaurs
Moveable Museum
Education Department:AMNH
Central Park West @ 79th Street
NYC NY 10024
212-769-5329 (fax)

To which I reply - so? By doing it again - even again and again - children
and their parents/instructors can learn that paleontology is an active
science, always in flux, with new discoveries coming in all of the time. By
including new names, new dinosaurs, even using paleontologists' names,
reading and dinosaurs can be linked together - which will raise people's
awareness of the science, which may lead more people into the field or into
learning how they can help to support others in the field. Which leads back
to more discoveries, which leads to more books, which leads to more
interest, which leads to more people in the field, etc.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

Brent : )