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Re: Twenty-six

> >You might consider an arrangement by time, or by geographical location 
> >(though if you did that I would certainly say something about the fact 
> >that the continents are not in the same place that they were in the 
> >Mesozoic), or perhaps even according to date of discovery (it might be 
> >interesting to show what kinds of dinosaurs were discovered in the 19th 
> >century compared with some of the ones that have turned up only in the 
> >past few years, and how that has helped us learn more about dinosaur 
> >variety; plus, it might give you a chance to talk about some of the very 
> >interesting people who have discovered dinosaurs down through the years).

What about a book focusing on the "unsung heroes"?  Especially in early
times and throughout today even, there are many amateurs and
non-professionals who have done a great deal for our field.  How much has
ever been written on them?  It could show kids that ANYONE can contribute
to scientific knowledge, dispell some of the elitist misconceptions that
spring up at sometime during our growth which causes people a lot of
people to view some scientific fields as 'over their heads".  I don't
know, just a few ideas, make of them what you will.