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Re: Twenty-six

>What about a book focusing on the "unsung heroes"?  Especially in early
times and throughout today even, there are many amateurs and
non-professionals who have done a great deal for our field.  How much has
ever been written on them?<

Not much; but yours is a great idea. To start, how about :

Andrews, Roy Chapman (not so unsung, but still an amateur);
Brown, Barnum;
Clark, William;
Dollo, Louis;
Ellsworth, Soloman;
Fages, Gustav;
Granger, Walter;
Hitchcock, Edward;

and Arthur Lakes;
and Gideon Mantell (or Benjamin Mudge);
and Franz Nopsca;

and Dinogeorge Olshevsky....:)
and John Wesley Powell;
and Bill Reed;
and W.B. Sattler;
and Joesph Burr Tyrell;
and Woodrow Wilson (who created Dinosaur National Monument)
and, well...


I suppose one could quite easily fill an alphabet with the names of unsung
heroes, in paleontology or any other field for that matter.