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Re: Choosing Twenty-Six Representative Genera

I wrote:

<<I'd replace *Harpymimus* with *Hypacrosaurus,* and
*Parasaurolophus* with *Panoplosaurus.* This takes away a series
of four theropods strait and replaces it with a visual dinosaur
nonetheless, and you get a nodosaur in the process.
*Sauroposeidon* isn't really reconstructable, since the animal
is represented (now) by four cervical vertebrae: *Syntarsus
kayentakatae* might be more preferrable for "S" (you get your
coelophysoid, and a potential visual image kids won't get out of
their heads any time soon). *Lurdusaurus* could be replaced by
*Lufengosaurus,* so you get another plateosaurian
("prosauropod"); *Borogovia* is also not really reconstructable,
though the name sure is distinctive, and you could replace it
with *Baryonyx* and switch the other spinosaur (*Irritator*)
with *Iguanodon,* so you get your iguanodont. Instead of
*Massospondylus,* why not *Mononykus*?>>

  I'd also replace "Futabasaurus" with *Fukuiraptor*, who might
actually make a project out of reconstructing it, especially the
distinctive arm... :) But then, as an artist, I tend towards the
visual and the striking (like *Gallimimus* on a beer binge...)

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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