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Re: Twenty-six

Which part of the following letter is new? and which part is quoted?
Thank you

Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> >I would like to weigh in here as an author of children's books,
> >myself.  The trouble with using alphabetical order is that it teaches
> >absolutely nothing to the readers of the books.  If there would be a way
> >to develop an order or structure for your book that would, in itself, be
> >both interesting and actually say something useful, I think the book would
> >gain.
> >You might consider an arrangement by time, or by geographical location
> >(though if you did that I would certainly say something about the fact
> >that the continents are not in the same place that they were in the
> >Mesozoic), or perhaps even according to date of discovery (it might be
> >interesting to show what kinds of dinosaurs were discovered in the 19th
> >century compared with some of the ones that have turned up only in the
> >past few years, and how that has helped us learn more about dinosaur
> >variety; plus, it might give you a chance to talk about some of the very
> >interesting people who have discovered dinosaurs down through the years).
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