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Re: Twenty-six, Re: T. baatar

This is a reply to several independent posts. (Yesterday, I was too ill to
write in English...)

> Children learning the alphabet [...] This leads to [...] eventually
> pronunciation.

Not in English (har, har). Just pronounce "A is for apple"...

> Or to do a book based on how many of a particular animal have been found.
> Only 1 nesting oviraptor....

25 or so, just there is no published information on whether they actually
are *Oviraptor*, *Ingenia* or whatever. (I'll wait for the paper... :-) )

> 23 T. rexes

True? So many?

.... 100s of Protoceratops  etc.  (Would this be based on complete
skeletons?  Or just interesting finds?)

_Bonebeds_ of *Coelophysis*, *Maiasaura*, *Centrosaurus* IIRC...

> Non-ungual differences include the presence
> of the following in Anserimimus-
> 4- fused metacarpus
> 5- metacarpus compressed, no intermetacarpal space


Does this make it more probable that the carpometacarpi of alvarezsaurids
(unknown in *Alvarezsaurus*, AFAIK) and *Avimimus* are convergent to those
in Ornithothoraces?
What's the situation in confuciusornithids?

I just read the Chatterjee _Palaeontographica_ paper on *Protoavis*.
Revelations forthcoming... ;-)