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> > Peter Buchholz <tetanurae@hotmail.com> wrote
> >
> > In a children's book on dinosaurs, I would actually prefer a
> > lot of "new" or at least rarely illustrated dinosaurs.  Having
> > fifteen books that each only list Stegosaurus, Triceratops, >
> Tyrannosaurus, and Brontosaurus, in my opinion, gives kids a >
> very limited view of paleontology.  In other words, many kids >
> (myself included) at first glance think, or thought, that >
> everything that there is to do in paleontology has already been
> > done.  As the nearly 1000 of us on this list know, nothing >
> could be farther from the truth.

Good idea.

> > The following list that I have compiled as an alphabetical
> > dino wish-list.  For most of these my reasoning is explained. 
> > There are some notible exceptions, Tyrannosaurus for instance,
> > because, honestly, how many pictures does a kid NEED of >
> Tyrannosaurus?


[List snipped; I'll support it]

> > What I would really like
> > is a modern bird whose generic names starts with an X.  

I can only find *Xenicus* and *Xenops* (both passeriforms)

> > So... we have ten ornithischians, eleven theropods (still, way
> > too many), and just five sauropodomorphs.