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>> > What I would really like
>> > is a modern bird whose generic names starts with an X.  
>I can only find *Xenicus* and *Xenops* (both passeriforms)

Well, there are more:

In modern birds you have Xanthocephalus, Xanthocorys, Xantholaema,
Xanthomelus, Xanthomyias, Xanthomyza, Xanthonotus, Xanthophilus,
Xanthoplectes, Xanthoploceus, Xanthopsar, Xanthotis, need I go on?, the next
one begins with XE, and it ends with Xylocota. In fossil birds you have
Xenerodiopus, Xenicibis, Xenopsitta, Xenorhynchopsis, Xenorhynchus and
Xestospiza. There are lots of bird genera starting with a "X". If there is
any more information needed, please consult Sibley & Monroe, 1990:
Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World, availlable in every library
that deals with animals.


>> > So... we have ten ornithischians, eleven theropods (still, way
>> > too many), and just five sauropodomorphs.