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At 17:46 27-01-2001 -0600, you wrote:
><<> What I would really like is a modern bird whose generic names starts
>with an X.  
>I can only find *Xenicus* and *Xenops* (both passeriforms)>>
>Well, although it is now extinct, the Jamaican flightless ibis _Xenicibis
>xympithecus_ is sort of a modern bird (I know it is found in Pleistocene
>cave deposits--not sure about Holocene). Plus, it's really really cool,
>being a flightless ibis and all. Storrs Olson once wrote in an abstract
>that it may have been a faculative quadruped to boot (I seem to remember
>this having been discussed onlist a while back), but I don't think that
>this has gained any support since  or even if OIson still considers this a
>Christian Kammerer

Yes, there was a short dicussion on the list on Xenicibis, about half a year
ago, but one of the paticipants wanted to check his information on the
quadruped state of this animal, but he didn't had the decency to inform any
of us to his findings, so we are all still waiting.

Fred Ruhe