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Fabrosaurus australis vindicatus est, sic semper fascisti nomenclaturae [was Re: Fabrosauryus (was RE: Me can

        Dr. Holtz wrote:

>Unfortunately, most workers consider Fabrosaurus as an invalid name, and
>use Lesothosaurus for the more complete specimens.

        As de facto president (and only member) of Graduate Students for
Sane Taxonomy, I need to point out the following papers (please forgive the
citation format, I have little time as I am trying to write a thesis):

Taxonomy of the Fabrosauridae (Reptilia, Ornithischia) and the Lesothosaurus
myth, Gow, C. E., South African Journal of Science
77, no. 1 (1981) p.43

Taxonomic characters of Fabrosaurus australis, an ornithischian dinosaur
from the Lower Jurassic of Southern Africa, Thulborn, R. A., Geobios 25, no.
2 (1992): 283-292 

        In these papers, it is fairly and reasonably demonstrated that
Lesothosaurus diagnosticus is best considered a subjective junior synonym of
Fabrosaurus australis. Further, some of the complications associated with
the erection of the former taxon are highlighted. While I am sure that
"conservative" non-ornithischian workers may wish to withold judgement, I
must align myself with Thulborn (the man on the spot, as it were), and I
invite others to bring sanity and compassion back to the Senate... I mean,
to biologic nomenclature.

        End transmission.
     Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
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