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Re: Help Please

    Garth Godsman wondered,

"It's been put to me that the type of protein that
makes up bird feathers is incompatable with the
dinosaurian ancestry for birds.

I was not aware of any developments about this. Could
someone briefly bring me up to speed on this please."

    Isn't keratin the albuminoid that forms the chemical basis both
feathers, nails, hair, and even horn?  Dinosaurs had nails (thus keratin),
and I don't see why keratin for feathers should have been a problem, if
that's what someone is implying.

    Frankly, some might wonder whether this rumor originally emanated from
some 'Feducciary' who was conceptually drowning in 'dino-bird' finds and
grasping for straws -- or, should I say feathers?  :)

    Ray Stanford