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Re: New views on dinosaurs continue to trickle down (possible spoilers!)

Someone wrote:

> >Here's an interesting photo of the new animatronic
> _Velociraptor_ from Jurassic Park III:
> http://www.dansjp3page.com/fr-feather.jpg<
> Anyone else having problems getting this link to work?

To which David Marjanovic replied:

The link does lead somewhere, but there is a very small image on which I
can't find a *Velociraptor*...

Well, when the link gets working again, you will notice some organic shape in the bottom right hand corner (I believe). What you are seeing is what some might call the "raptors" new feathered head crest. There's a lot of debate going on about how this new crest suddenly came about. Should make for an interesting movie...

-Jordan Mallon


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