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Re: How much does a dino weigh?

Jumping in late - and I am way behind in my eamil - so please forgive me if this has already been addressed; However:

You can calculate/guesstimate the weight of an organism, from the depth of its trackway. Lots of integral calculus occurs here, and you need a topographic map of the animal. You need to know the sediment compaction rate/time, as well as the sedimentology/mineralogy, porosity and permeability, and grain shape. Some things are standards. Grind and chug. Estimation of organism weight comes out at the end. We do it with inverts. ;^)
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At 9:27 AM -0500 01/27/2001, philidor11 wrote:
<I) Many of the models used in past studies were artist impressions rather
than accurately measured reconstructions of a particular specimen.<SNIP>

<SNIP - good stuff>

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sluggishness of his cadet students learning to factor an equation while
impatient to get back to controlling almost all crime in London.)
You haven't had a European vogue with any of your theories have you?  he
wondered nervously.

I am a member of the Sherlockian Society of the GSA. In grand recognition of your *most excellent* way of bringing a reference to Sherlock Holmes in to the conversation, we will now, all rise, face you, and do the appropriate thing. Now, We Will Refill. <smirk> I sure do miss those dinner parties. Wonder if there will be one in Boston.

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