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Re:<WAS> Physiological Adaptations - now O18/O16 ratios

Title: Re:<WAS> Physiological Adaptations - now O18/O16 ratio
<SNIP - interesting stuff>

Ah yes..... I probably shouldn't do this........but I am curious.
> and studies of bone material indicating endothermy (oxygen isotope
> ratios, SNIP>

Please, someone fill me in on how the work that initiated with Emiliani's ocean surface temperatures, and leads to the del-O16/O18 ratio, provides you with internal temperature beyond that of variation from one end of the organism to the other. Inquiring minds wish to know, and do not always have the luxury of wads of additional reading time. I figure that somebody out here is up on it and will tell me.

I am very familiar with the process of glacial/interglacial, the sealing up of the lighter oxygen in polar ice, and in the reaction in foraminiferal tests, especially with that of the planktonic Neogloboquadrina pachyderma. Antarctica; been there - done that. ;^)

You are what you eat, yes? The ratio of del-O16/O18 within an organism should be recording the ratio of the two isotopes in the water that the organism drank or lived and created its test/skeleton from. That, should leave you with a trail to follow for the global climatic record of the time that you're within. I don't see how it gives you much else, (but I am certain someone will bring me up to speed and I welcome it).

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