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Re: Physiological Adaptations of the Dinosauria (long)

Waylon D. Rowley wrote:
Unless you know something that I don't, the specimens of D. wetherilli
were preserved *without* crests, and they used D. breedorum (which does have crests) to fill in the gaps in our knowledge on D. wetherilli's
crest morphology. Check out this link: http://dinosauricon.com/images/dilophosaurus-am.html
Since I lack any knowledge of D. breedorums crest height, length,
and width, I opted for ?D. sinensis for which I have seen pictures of at least.<

_Dilophosaurus breedorum_ is conisdered by some (Myself included) to represent a gender difference in _D. wetherilli_, and not a seperate species. UCMP 37302 (the type for _D. wetherilli_) does not preserve the crests. However, the skull is badly fragmented and somewhat incomplete. Welles (1984) reported sutures on this skull that would be the attachment for the crests, so it's assumed that UCMP 37302 had crests similar to that of UCMP 77270. That having been said, the preserved crest on UCMP 77270 (on which _D. breedorum_ is named), measure apx. (going from memory here) 25cm in length, 1-2cm in width and 1-5cm in height. I do not know how this compares to _D. sinensis_, since I have neither seen the specimen nor have I seen the paper, but judging from pictures, it appears to be about equal in length and height.

In that case, we need to know whether this "separate bone" has foramina for the superior nasal artery.<
True, but with the crest attached to the rest of the skull, and the artery likely running inside of the crest, this may be hard to determine.

I'm talking about an E. baldwini that has been scaled up to ?D. sinensis
That's what I thought, I was just making sure.

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