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International Contest of Dinosaur Illustration 2000

    The Museum of Lourinhã (PORTUGAL) organized the International Contest of Dinosaur Illustration 2000 with very good results. The illustrations can be seen at www.run.to/dinosaurs
    The winners of the first International Contest of Dinosaur Illustration are:
1st PRIZE: Jurassic Landscape by Karen Carr  (USA)
3rd PRIZE: Lourinhanosaurus antunesi by Diana Fucci (France)
2nd PRIZE: Cabeça do Coelophysis by Patricia Latas (USA)
>Karen Carr (USA)
>Mário Estevens(Portugal)
>Patricia Latas (USA)
>Mauricio David Alvarez Abel (Chile)
>Maurílio Silva de Oliveira (Brazil)
>Pedro Miguel Mendes Fernandes (Portugal)
>Sharon Sammons Cox (USA)
  see the illustrations at www.run.to/dinosaurs
   The Contest was considered a success after the reception of 55 illustration from 10 different countries.
    The organization is planning the second edition in 2002.
    All the best,
                 Octávio Mateus
GEAL- Museu da Lourinhã
Rua João Luis de Moura
2530-157- Lourinhã, PORTUGAL
Tel: (+351)  261 413 995 (Museu)
Email: omateus@n2dinosaurs.com & museulourinha@mail.telepac.pt
Lourinhanosaurus webpage at http://run.to/dinosaurs