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Re: Stegosaurian genera

Alessandro Marisa wrote-

> could someone tell me information about period, holotype material and
> referred specimens material, diagnosis and refs of these Stegosaurian
> genera?
> Changtusaurus laminaplacodus Zhao 1985
> Gigantospinosaurus sichuanensis  Anonimous 1993
> Monkonosaurus lawulacus  Zhao 1983
> Yingshanosaurus jichuanensis  Zhao 1984

These four taxa are very poorly known.  Three are nomina nuda and only two
have had any illustrations published.

"Changtusaurus" Chao 1983
"C. laminaplacodus" Zhao 1985
Middle Jurassic
Dabuka Group, China
comments- The genus is often spelled "Changdusaurus".
reference- Chao S., 1983. "Phylogeny and Evolutionary Stages of Dinosauria,"
Acta Palaeontologia Polonica 28(1/2): 295-306 [author's name spelled Zhao
Xijin in this article].

"Gigantspinosaurus" anonymous 1993
"G. sichuanensis" Long? 1995
Sichuan, China
material- (ZDM coll.) complete skeleton
comments- The holotype was excavated in 1985 and is currently under study by
Ouyang.  Li, Zhang and Cai spelled the name Gigantospinosaurus.  The author
that originally published the species name is uncertain.
references- First appeared in a faunal list in a guidebook to the dinosaurs
of Zigong (1993).
Mentioned in a faunal list in the Proceedings of the Mesozoic Ecosystems
Conference in China (1995).
Li Kui, Zhang Yuguang & Cai Kaiji, 1999. The Characteristics of the
Composition of the Trace Elements in Jurassic Dinosaur Bones and Red Beds in
Sichuan Basin, Geological Publishing House, Beijing: pp. not yet available
[in Chinese with English summary]. ISBN 7-116-02875-7.

Monkonosaurus Dong 1990
= "Monkonosaurus" Chao 1983
M. lawulacus Dong 1990
= "Monkonosaurus lawulacus" Chao 1983
Late Jurassic?
Loe-ein Formation, Tibet, China
holotype- (5 m) two incomplete vertebrae, sacrum, three dorsal plates (Dong
description- five sacral vertebrae with fenestrae between ribs completely
closed; sacral neural spines broad and lower than Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus
and Wuerhosaurus; plates large, thin and similar to Stegosaurus.
comments- The holotype was collected in 1976 by a team from the Chinese
Academy of Sciences.
references- Chao S., 1983. "Phylogeny and Evolutionary Stages of
Dinosauria," Acta Palaeontologia Polonica 28(1/2): 295-306 [author's name
spelled Zhao Xijin in this article].
Dong, 1990. Stegosaurs of Asia. in Carpenter and Currie, eds. Dinosaur
Systematics: Approaches and Perspectives, pg. 255-268.

"Yingshanosaurus" Zhou 1984
"Y. jichuanensis" Watanabe 1992
Tithonian, LJ
Sichuan, China
holotype- (5 m) complete skeleton
description- The plates are small, bu not spike-like.  Four tail spines and
gigantic flattened parascapular spines are present.
comments- The name of the type species appeared in a Japanese dinosaur book
(R. E. Molnar, pers. comm.), but inasmuch as no translation into English is
provided, it is not clear whether the species is formally described there.
The spelling of the generic name differs from that in Zhou (1984).

Mickey Mortimer