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Invalid names (was RE: Physiological Adaptations of the Dinosauria (long))

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> Rob Gay
> Waylon D. Rowley wrote:
> Check out this link:
> http://dinosauricon.com/images/dilophosaurus-am.html
> Since I lack any knowledge of D. breedorums crest height, length,
> and width, I opted for ?D. sinensis for which I have seen pictures of at
> least.<
> _Dilophosaurus breedorum_ is conisdered by some (Myself included) to
> represent a gender difference in _D. wetherilli_, and not a seperate
> species. UCMP 37302 (the type for _D. wetherilli_) does not preserve the
> crests.


In point of fact, I can't find a single professional paleontologist who
considers the name "_Dilophosaurus breedorum_" as a valid name.  The
document in which it was named is a bizarre newsletter; the author has not
(to anyone's knoweldge) ever studied the matierial in person; and but for
the introduction of this name on certain newsgroups (:-) and websites would
be unknown to people outside the small select few who received the
newsletter in question in the mail.

Does anyone here know of any professional paper using "_D. breedorum_"?  The
specimen in question is considered in every tech paper I know of as being
part of the _Dilophosaurus wetherilli_ hypodigm.

Incidentally, I don't know (nor have any confirmation) that Welles ever
authorized the use of the names listed in the Pickering newsletter.

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