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Marysaurus Kirkaldiensis and Dino Paper Links

I know of 2 posts on the list that refer to this small south african theropod, and nothing else for it on the net. Any refs? Is it a compsognathid/coelurid/other? Do any of you know where I could find an online paper on theropod braincase anatomy? BTW, I have some cool links for Lourinhanosaurus antunesi, Torvosaurus (and some other Morrison theropods), Acrocanthosaurus, and great lists of synapomorphies for the Dinosauria as a whole (although it probably needs revision because of new finds)....I'll let you know if I find any other goodies.

Morrison theropods at:

Dino diagnostics at:

Lourinhanosaurus article at:
(is it just me, or does the pelvic girdle on this animal closely resemble that on GSP's Giganotosaurus reconstruction? hmmm...)

Acrocanthosaurus article at:

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