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Dilophosaurus "breedorum"

For a more detailed recounting of the history of this name, see a previous
posting by Dinogeorge on the list:

Note that I am perfectly willing to be convinced that this specimen
represents a new taxon, but it has not (too my knowledge) been done so "in
the light of day" as it were: that is, in peer-reviewed literature or other
accessible form.  Same for the other "Welles & Pickering" and "Welles,
Powell & Pickering" names: Welles and Welles & Powell were undergoing a
long-term revision of coelophysoids and megalosaurid-grade tetanurines (not
that they used those names), but these works were never finished as such.
Pickering has apparently done so: to what degree he worked with Welles &
Powell, I don't know.

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