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Re: TYRANNOSAURIAN IMPLOSION [long; part 2 of 2]

In a message dated 1/29/01 4:58:37 AM EST, David.Marjanovic@gmx.at writes:

<< Any comments about *Iliosuchus*? >>

It has been some time since I looked at pictures of the Iliosuchus ilia. I 
would say they belong to immature -- perhaps even >very< immature (it's quite 
small) -- theropods similar to Stokesosaurus. Might be Middle Jurassic 
tyrannosaurians, but there's too much missing from the specimens to venture 
any firmer classification; they could also be like ilia of some 
"megalosaurids" or other kinds of carnosaur-like theropods, such as 
Piatnitzkysaurus (which has a weak supraacetabular crest). The ilia don't 
have the characteristic tyrannosaurid ventral shelves, either (which, of 
course, might be ontogenetic).