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Re: Marysaurus Kirkaldiensis and Dino Paper Links

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Waylon Rowley wrote:

> I know of 2 posts on the list that refer to this small south african
> theropod, and nothing else for it on the net. Any refs? Is it a
> compsognathid/coelurid/other?

The dinosaur specimen in question was nicknamed "Kirky" (being from the
Kirkland Fm., IIRC), and I think the above name was a joke based on the
name of long-time list-member Mary Kirkaldy. The dinosaur has actually
been named _Nqwebasaurus thwazi_ (the only dinosaur name, so far, with a
click sound [the "q"]). I don't think its relationships have been
determined, but it is supposed to be a basal coelurosaur.

List-members, be careful when you make up dinosaur names in jest! I just
had someone seriously inquire about "Deinoraptor" and "Velocinychus" on my
Guest Book. :)

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