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Re: Avimimus skull

Waylon Rowley wrote-

> I've always considered Avimimus a close relative of the
> maybe even a basal or highly derived member. One thing i've noticed is
> it's skull is always reconstructed with huge external nares and either an
> absent or reduced antorbital fenestra. Is it possible that it was the
> way around? Maybe it's skull resembled that of Oviraptor philoceratops
> (where the antorbital fossa contacts the frontal), or a caenagnathid. Any
> thoughts on the correct way to reconstruct this critters skull?
> Here's my quick sketch of A. portentosus with an Oviraptorid-like skull:

In GI-100/42 (often cited as Oviraptor philoceratops) and "Rinchenia", the
nasal fossa contacts the frontal, not the antorbital fossa.  This would make
them more like Avimimus.  In Conchoraptor and ZPAL MgD-I/95 (often cited as
Ingenia) though, neither the nasal fossa nor the antorbital fossa contact
the frontal.  I think Avimimus is correctly restored with the elongate
nares, although I find it closer to alvarezsaurids than oviraptorosaurs.  By
the way, no attachments should be sent to the list (not that mine came
through correctly anyway).

Mickey Mortimer