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Re: [Fw: Physiological Adaptations of the Dinosauria (long)]

> Date: 29 Jan 2001 13:13:08 EST
> From: archosaur@usa.net
> One of my favourite examples is that of _Palmatogecko rangei_ which
> lives in the coastal Namib Desert and hunts its prey at night when
> Atlantic winds chill the place to 4 degrees C. Yet in such harse
> extremes these little buggers are actively moving about (not only
> that, but they only come out when it gets cool). They are hardly
> gigantothermic either since they max out at 4 inches and have
> translucent skin. If any animal was ever deserving of a
> physiological study, it's these guys.

Wow.  So what is the orthodox explanation for this critter?
Presumably there's been _some_ kind of study?

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