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Re: Nomena Nuda Wagneri

znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU wrote:

>         Yes, unfortunately, I am responsible for the (farcical) Marysaurus
> kirkaldiensis. Indeed, I have been responsible for (all too great) a
> number of spurious taxonomic hoaxes on the Dino List. For those who have
> absolutely nothing better to do with their time (I'm supposed to be filing
> maps, myself), here is a list (of course, all are quite beyond nomena
> nuda, having never been even published):
>         Here's the disclaimer: NONE OF THESE ARE REAL!
>         Angemimus biscutdo Wagner 1996 non Angimimus biscutdo Wagner 2000
>         Drinker nestea Wagner 2000
>         Marysaurus kirkaldiensis Wagner 1999
>         Regisaurus omnipotens Wagner 2000 (ostensibly from the [Jim]
>                 Morrison Formation)
>         Wagon radioflieri Wagner 1996 (junior subjective synonym of Homo
>                 sapiens, erected on the type of my sainted and dearly
>                 departed grandmother, on the supposition that she might
>                 have once sported wheels)
>         To which I add, for the drawing I just did of Pachycephalosaurus
> wyomingensis (=Stygimoloch spinnifer) with a peculiar black-and-poppy red
> patterning of the head:
>         Rayparkosaurus mauli Wagner 2001 gen. et sp. nov.

    The paleoecological inferences that can be drawn from the recently
documented fauna listed above provide rather good solid evidence of the sad
fact that Wagner has ENTIRELY too much time on his bloody hands and really
needs to get a job...


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