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Re: Nomena Nuda Wagneri

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Josh Smith wrote:
 >     The paleoecological inferences that can be drawn from the recently
> documented fauna listed above provide rather good solid evidence of the sad
> fact that Wagner has ENTIRELY too much time on his bloody hands and really
> needs to get a job...
> hehe...
> -Josh

        Interestingly, this reply was sent at 11:33 EST,, while the
initial posting was made at 10:15 EST. This datum, coupled with Josh's
writing speed (evidenced by the near identity of his SVP and GSA
abstracts, despite the time difference between abstract deadlines), which
suggests that the entire 18 minute spread was spent composing the
above reply, culimnate in the conclusion that Josh spends his day waiting
by the computer for new e-mail.
        In that time, I, on the other hand, measured four
hadrosaur metacarpals for my thesis, demonstrated the morphology of the
hadrosaur manus I just finished prepping to several non-scientists who
were gracious enough to act impressed, spent four minutes fretting about
the lecture I have to give my Physical class, and avoided filing about
forty USGS topographic maps and some USGS reports. Not to mention that I
was not developing the lab web page like I was supposed to.
        So I just spent ten minutes proving Josh wrong. It isn't that I
need a job, I have three (plus my thesis). It's that I need to DO my job,
and stop #@*&$#*(&ing around on e-mail! :)


P.S. Hi Josh! What's up? Remember no to lightsaber Jerry too hard, he's
the peaceful kind of Jedi.