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Re: Nomena Nuda Wagneri

        Just so's all of you know, Josh and I aren't fighting. We've been
having... relationship difficulties, but we're in counsuling, and we hope
to have things worked out before our little bundle of joy arrives. Yes,
you heard it here first, a hadrosaur with xyphodont dentition, a sail on
its back, and a GPS shoved... well... you know.

        Anyway, to get back to dinosaurs, since Josh and I are taking our
"issues" somewhere more private (don't worry, I brought my
Kevlar glare screen for my monitor), does nayone know the "real" reference
for the Edmarka paper it is taking all too long to print out?



P.S. I've found two theropods while looking for hadrosaurs... too bad they
are represented by fragments the size of the largest currency in my