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Re: Nomena Nuda Wagneri

znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU wrote:

>         Just so's all of you know, Josh and I aren't fighting. We've been
> having... relationship difficulties, but we're in counsuling, and we hope
> to have things worked out before our little bundle of joy arrives. Yes,
> you heard it here first, a hadrosaur with xyphodont dentition, a sail on
> its back, and a GPS shoved... well... you know.

Great now they all know.  You know how much $#@! I am going to take from
Kraig Derstler when he finds out I have been paying more attention to you
than to him....?!  Thanks a lot....

>         Anyway, to get back to dinosaurs, since Josh and I are taking our
> "issues" somewhere more private (don't worry, I brought my
> Kevlar glare screen for my monitor), does nayone know the "real" reference
> for the Edmarka paper it is taking all too long to print out?

I have it, but I will be damned before I tell you...

>         Later,
>         Wagner
> P.S. I've found two theropods while looking for hadrosaurs... too bad they
> are represented by fragments the size of the largest currency in my
> wallet.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I love sauropods.  I just don't know anything about
them.  A point I trust you will all kindly remember when this paper comes

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